First Baptist Church getting steeple makeover
PARKERSBURG — A church celebrating its bicentennial is doing a makeover of a distinctive feature of the downtown landmark.

The First Baptist Church at Ninth and Market streets is making repairs and improvements to the steeple, focusing on the wood and metal base, that was built when the church was constructed in 1878.

The contractor, Murray Sheet Metal, is repairing and replacing weather warn parts of the steeple and replacing them with materials of greater resistance and a longer lifespan, said the Rev. Dr. David Carrico, project coordinator.

“We’re not changing anything,” Carrico said.

Cranes and other equipment are on Market Street where, weather permitting, the work which includes a makeover of the front facade, too, will take about two weeks. The steeple is about 95-feet high.

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Murray Sheet Metal welcomes machine

PARKERSBURG – It is known as a WARDJet Z-2543 waterjet cutter.

It is a beast of a machine that uses water to cut through materials with pin-point accuracy.

“It is best known as a controlled accelerated erosion process,” said Randy Rogers, Murray Sheet Metal general manager, Friday during an open house to publicly display the machine. “The machine is much more accurate than the plasma machine we had before. It is quicker, cleaner and more accurate. There is a lower cost with the machine but with an improved quality.”

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A salute to those who care

There are two types of people in this world: those who are interested in the fleece, and those who are interested in the flock.

It’s those in the latter group that have a sense of community and do what they can to make their hometown a better place to live.

It has been my pleasure to work with several such groups as they attempt to solve the stadium woes that have befallen Stadium Field and the Erickson All-Sports Facility.

Start with the PHS Stadium Field Committee. For years, most of their good deeds were done outside the public spotlight. It is the members of that committee who maintained the stadium, transforming an aging facility into a modern-day stadium that many believe is the best place to watch a game in the Mountain State.

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Students plant succulents with business partner

PARKERSBURG – North Christian School teamed with its business partner Murray Sheet Metal on Friday to help students “grow” their community.

North Christian School kindergarteners planted succulents, such as cactus and aloe, as part of a lesson with Murray Sheet Metal Office Manager Karen Henline. The students also wrapped the planters in pictures and paintings they created.

“I chose the succulents because they worked really well last year and the animals don’t tend to eat them,” Henline said.

The planters will be taken back to Murray Sheet Metal and placed upon concrete displays.

“It gives a bit of color and beauty to things,” she said. “I’ll take pictures of the display and share those with the kids.”

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PHS Memorial Field House to get new roof

PARKERSBURG – The Wood County Board of Education Tuesday approved more than $450,000 in summer roof projects, including a roof replacement for the Parkersburg High School Memorial Field House.

The board approved a $255,410 contract with Murray Sheet Metal for roof replacement of the Field House. Assistant Superintendent Mike Fling said issues with the roof made it impossible to effectively patch.

“When they walked that roof, it is full of pin holes,” Fling said. “Pin holes are more unpredictable than tears because you don’t know where they are going to go. There are several patches on that roof already.”

Fling said because the Field House was a full replacement and because it was a significantly large project, the work was bid separately from other roof projects.

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